Modern decorated wooden doors

Interior doors with geometries and artistic decorations

Dynamism, movement and depth are the elements that characterize the new collection of Accademia wooden doors, which is expressed through 3 models with distinctive and contemporary features.
WARP models, in which the doors are transformed into elements that give continuity to the spaces through effects of depth and geometric shapes; the lines cross the surface of the door, thinning in perspective and creating depth, as if to extend the space that the door is called to divide. GALASSIE models, whose graphic creations are inspired by the geometric and mysterious charm of the constellations.
MADE IN ITALY models, which represent a journey to discover the details that lie behind some of the most famous Italian architecture.
The decorations can be flat or embossed. Flat drawings are made with a technology that allows you to print on the
bring a décor whose color directly depends on the bottom on which it is deposited. The relief drawings are built with a technology that allows you to get out of the plane of the door, building above it a well-perceptible relief, which allows you to create particularly suggestive plays of light and shadow on the surface.