Made in Italy quality, security and eco-sustainability: GD Dorigo values

    Made in Italy

    Design has always been one of the main strategic levers with which GD DORIGO displays its ability to distinguish itself in the world of manufacturers of interior doors. The creation of a Made in Italy “in-house laboratory”, which implements new ideas and stimulates construction experiments, is the result of a productive culture that expresses a tipically Italian quality and style.
    The contamination with designers of international fame such as Giugiaro Design, consolidated the company’s leaning towards taste and style, which over time have become the fundamental cornerstones for the continuous development of the range. Technology and know-how regarding materials complete the picture and ensure the laboratory has a fundamental role to play in subsequent serial production processes contributing to successful projects realization.

    Green Culture

    GD Dorigo is also characterized by a strong green culture and by the commitment to environmental protection. This is expressed since the choice of the raw materials and of the alternative energy solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact and the industrial pollution. The company has always paid careful attention to the sources of its wood used for the doors production and it has always participated in environmental regeneration policies.
    Recently the company has installed a large 500 KW photovoltaic system, which will partially cover the company’s requirement and also contribute substantially to a reduction in CO² emissions.
    It’s one step that sees the company at the forefront of the renewable energy sector and reinforces the strong perception and reputation of the brand to the wider public.



    GD Dorigo operates with a certified corporate system to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Careful controls and laboratory tests ensure that our doors can be cleaned with the most commonly used detergents and polishes and check adhesive durability and resistance to scratches and humidity.


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    GD Dorigo now presents the result of over forty years continuous investments in improving its production facilities, especially with regard to the structures housing the material transformation process and finished product manufacture.
    The company has invested heavily in production process organisation to ensure certified quality, organisational and logistic flows, and in technology and computerisation to provide efficiency and control every step of its activities, both inside and outside the company.
    Every choice has been made in terms of engineered mass productions placing for many years the product at the heart of the strategic company interests. A policy that takes care of the quality encouraging the professional growth of the whole productive and management team and increasing that experience that today represents the passport to operate not only at national level but also internationally.