Artistic wood doors

Art - porta artistica legno

Interior doors designed by Raimondo Sandri

The artistic wood doors of ART collection for interior ambiences are transformed into furnishings components. As in an art gallery, a journey designed on the doors, and depicted by Raimondo Sandri tells us about the house.
The images, exclusively handmade, represent the notes of a tour started through the rooms of a house, with figures and shapes that foresee the world we will discover behind every door. The drawings are created with special inks; the monochromatic paintings of the background and the fresh marks of the brush, offer to everyone the freedom to interpret them all the way. The pictorial feature of the drawings makes every ambience attractive and converts every door into a screen on which the images are born out of fantasy. The chromatic combinations emphasizes the modernity of the style enabling to furnish with style and personality.