Policy for the quality

    On the basis of what has been expressed through the policy for the quality, GD Dorigo General Management identified the following general objectives and commitments:

    • Customer’s satisfaction: the company operates with the awareness that the principal objective in subject of quality is the satisfaction of the customer’s needs, requirements and expectations; it must be competitive earning, maintaining and increasing in time its trust through a continuos monitoring of its satisfaction;
    • GD Dorigo has the priority commitment to satisfy with continuity the applicable legal and voluntary requirements and to operate for the continuos improvement of its own products and services and of its own quality system management;
    • Staff’s satisfaction: the company identifies in its own staff the principal resource to reach the objectives of the quality and for this purpose, if on the one hand it promotes the participation of the individual or of the group in the constant improvement of the products and services making available all the appropriate and/or necessary information and training tools, on the other hand it recognizes the achieved results;
    • Improvement of the company assets: the achievement of the quality is pursued by providing the elements and/or the useful resources both for the product realization to optimal costs and for the reduction of the costs that do not add value;
    • Integration into society: GD Dorigo operates in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, with a special focus placed on security and respect for the environment; the company’s desire is to use new technologies with the purpose to satisfy the market requests with products able to safeguard the protection of the environment;
    • Improvement of the relations with the suppliers: in order to reduce the costs and to optimize the quality of the supplied products, GD Dorigo sets up relationships of cooperation with its own suppliers, finding new common methods and solutions.

    The General Management is therefore commited to guarantee that the Policy:

    • will be available to any applicant including all the interested parties
    • will be communicated, included and applied in the organization
    • will be reviewed to ensure its continuos suitability
    • will be appropriate to the purposes and to the context of the organization

    In addition to these objectives of general nature, specific objectives related to quality are fixed, included those necessary to comply with the products requests, whose achievement is a specific task of the various functions of the organization; the drafting of these objectives results documented.
    The verification of the objectives achievement is defined both periodically and in the event of Quality System review.

    Pieve di Soligo, 25 January 2018

    The General Management