Design interior doors

Iki - dettaglio porte interne legno laccate bianche

Interior doors of oriental style created by Giugiaro Design

IKI collection takes shape from the experience and creativity of Giugiaro Design. A project with aesthetic revolutionary contains, that concentrates the refinement and the elegance of the oriental tradition into sharp and intense marks, with extraordinary formal discipline. The technical value is expressed in the doors through the innovative use of aluminium, which is represented in its natural brightness in combination with wood and lacquered colours. Graphic essential motifs related to the oriental tradition that refers to symbolic themes, harmonized by GD Dorigo technicians according to industrialization demands.

Iki - porte interne di design

The contemporary research of new expressive horizons, the interest for the diversity of the cultures and for the Orient, find in the IKI collection by Giugiaro Design a sophisticated interpretation able to involve and excite.

Oriental style wooden doors - GD Dorigo Iki collection