The Production Units

The Total Size

of the Production Units

The production system covers an area of 65,000 sq m. Each square metre tells of the entrepreneurial decisions and the evolutionary journey leading to the certification of a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing end product.
There are three different buildings, each dedicated to carrying out a different part of the manufacturing process, with an internal logistical connection system that optimises the exchanges between one part and another. These three areas tell the story of the company’s growth and technological development and how this influenced the volume of products made, the technical specifications of the doors and the increase in range.
A Heritage of Determination, Passion, a positive Attitude, attention to Detail, Ambition, Respect and an Awareness of the Market.
Total Quality in 65.000 Sq M.
Each Square Metre tells of the Industrial decisions made and Development carried out over the Years to guarantee a highly Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing end Product