GD DORIGO International Presence

Coverage Policy

and Market Penetration to become Made in Italy Ambassadors

The value and recognition of GD DORIGO as a representative of Made in Italy translates into specific development and commercial promotion policies used in markets across the world.
It’s a direction that has progressively characterised the company in recent years, in aiming to compete on a wider scale and capitalise on the experience and quality that makes a real difference in many countries.
Interpretation, or rather globalisation, is always interpreted as being a key strategy for succeeding and understanding how to become active and significant protagonists in target countries.
A great deal of attention is dedicated to personalising products for single countries and different cultures, while still respecting the quality of Italian construction.
The managers who follow each single market act as a filter between the culture of that country and the company.
This also permits a focussed and customised approach.