Brand Communication System

Catalogues, Technical Data Sheets

User Manuals, Web Platforms, Adwords Campaigns, Exhibitions, Commercial and Technical Training

Communication at GD DORIGO has, over time, taken on even greater strategic value and has become a fundamental lever in the promotion of its brand, both in Italy and around the world. Special attention is given to the presentation of the product, both in terms of its aesthetic and creative features and all the technical aspects that support pre and after sales services.
The communication package is applied to different tools, each with its own specific use, but always with the objective of providing the correct distinctive image of the business and its distinctive values.
Over time the invention of new media has expanded the communication scene, allowing GD DORIGO to exploit the potential of this channel, which makes the world a smaller place.
At GD DORIGO we dedicate space, resources and tools to transferring knowledge to the entire supply chain. With special technical and motivational training others can keep up-to-date with continuing  changes.